Meeting between Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chayka And State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Slovenia Drago Šketa

03 july 2019, 16:45

Today, on July 3, 2019, in Moscow, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chayka met with State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Slovenia Drago Šketa.

Nikolay Vinnichenko, deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Jože Kozina, supreme state prosecutor of the Criminal Law Department of the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Branko Rakovec, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Slovenia in the Russian Federation, heads of divisions of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation and representatives of the Slovenian delegation participated in the event.

While welcoming foreign colleagues, Yury Chayka congratulated them on the past Statehood Day of Slovenia and thanked them for the warm welcome of our delegation in Slovenia in February this year.

He expressed confidence that the meeting would lay solid foundation for dynamic continuation of joint work on a wide range of human rights issues.

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation noted that the prosecutor’s offices of Russia and Slovenia face common tasks on counteraction to crime, ensuring the triumph of justice and protection of human rights.

In the age of globalization, transparency of borders, simplicity of movement of people, goods and assets, the law enforcement bodies have to take timely and adequate measures to prevent the violation of legislation.

Joint coordinated work of prosecutor’s services is the earnest of success of fighting transnational crime.

Yury Chayka underlined that the implementation of the Program on Cooperation, signed in February in Ljubljana, will help prosecutors of the two states get a clear view of the place of prosecutor’s bodies of Russia in Slovenia in the state legal systems, of their structure, functions and powers already in the course of first joint event in Moscow, which would be held in Moscow in autumn this year. Russian and Slovenian experts will have a chance to share advanced experience on organization of prosecutorial activity in the sphere of counteraction to crime, including the legalization of assets, obtained in an illegal way.

He also suggested that foreign colleagues should get acquainted with the information on realization by the Russian prosecutor’s service of its mission on coordination of activity of law enforcement bodies and supervision over execution of federal legislation.

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation highly assessed the existing dialogue between the two states, the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between colleagues. He noted that the implementation of the Program would help build close working relations between prosecutors of Russia and Slovenia as well as more effective consolidation of efforts in strengthening of all-European stability and security.

In conclusion, Yury Chayka underlined the strive of the Russian party for realization of practical tasks aimed at intensification of comprehensive partnership for the benefit of two nations and for the purposes of ensuring the rule of law.  

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