Extradition of Russian national Vyacheslav Gein, accused of fatal car accident, from Italy ·

Russian National Yury Shurupov, Accused of Attempted Murder, deported from USA to Russia ·

French National Jean-Michel Cosnuau extradited from Kingdom of Morocco to Russian Federation ·

Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation sent a Request for Legal Assistance in Criminal Case of Murder of Nikolay Glushkov to the Competent Authorities of Great Britain ·

Extradition of Dutch National Guido Guillermo Wolters, Accused of Smuggling of Large Consignments of Narcotic Drugs, to Russia ·

Extradition of Yunus Valiev, Charged with Fraud in the amount of more than 236 Million Roubles, from Russia to Germany ·

False Healer, charged with especially large scale Fraud, extradited from Republic of Poland to Russian Federation ·

Extradition of Russian Citizen Igor Dikoy, accused of stealing around 440 Million Roubles, from Peru ·

Russian national Artur Dirko accused of preparation for sale of psychotropic substances in especially large amount has been extradited from the Republic of Finland to the Russian Federation ·

Extradition of a Russian Citizen Aleksandr Gebert Charged with the Incitement to Murder of a Businessman, from Hungary ·