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Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika took part in the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum

Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika took part in the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum

01 june 2017, 14:49

Today, on 1 June 2017, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika made a presentation "The Russian legal system as a factor in attracting investment” at the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum panel session.

The Prosecutor General of Russia spoke about the priorities in the work of the prosecution bodies in ensuring lawfulness in the field of control, supervisory and permitting activities, and also presented a video specially prepared for the forum showing all target mechanisms for legal protection of business and their performance indicators.

As Yury Chaika noted, the Russian Prosecution Service pays much attention to the protection of the fair foreign investors who provide the inflow of foreign capital to Russia and make a substantial contribution to the development of the Russian economy.

Each signal from the representatives of a foreign business community on the violation of their rights in Russia is carefully verified, and the appropriate response measures are applied.

In order to improve the efficiency of the protection of the rights of foreign entrepreneurs, the staff members of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation regularly interact with foreign colleagues. The necessary agreements are signed, legal assistance is provided in criminal cases. The experience exchange, in particular, took place in 2015-2016 with the colleagues from Belarus, Bulgaria and China.

One of the reliable partners is the Israeli State Attorney’s Office. In April 2017, for the first time during the entire period of cooperation, the Prosecutor General's Offices of Russia and Israel signed the Memorandum of Cooperation at the senior executive level. The document, in particular, provides for assistance in seizure and recovery of the assets derived from corruption. The parties expect that the implementation of the Memorandum will help to protect the rights of businessmen in both countries.

According to Yury Chaika, the prosecution bodies now have opportunities to provide real assistance to the business community.

Over the past two and a half years, during elaboration of annual inspection plans for business entities and coordination of such unscheduled events, nearly one million requests of controlling agencies were denied by the prosecutors. More than 60 000 officials were brought to disciplinary and administrative responsibility on prosecutors’ initiative for violation of legislation in this area.

Over the past and a half years, upon prosecutors’ demands, about 50 billion rubles were returned to the business community (primarily small and medium-sized businesses) for the completed state and municipal contracts. In 2016, almost 8000 submissions were filed with a view to restoring the rights of economic entities. Over 3600 officials were subjected to disciplinary responsibility, 332 - to administrative liability. The criminal proceedings were initiated with regard to 22 out of 39 case files of the prosecutorial checks sent to the investigative bodies.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has also launched target communication channels with the entrepreneurs. During his presentation at the last year's SPIEF, Yury Chaika announced the establishment of an e-mail address businesspravo@genproc.gov.ru for communication with the entrepreneurs for which he took personal control. Until the present time, about 850 applications from businessmen have been received. Most of them are related to unlawful actions regarding the property of economic entities, including illegal decisions regarding the real estate property, cases of raidership (about 330). Also, many applicants complained of unfounded criminal prosecution, detention (about 200), violation of the procedure for providing public services and placing public procurement orders (more than 180), violation of the inspection procedure (more than 90), unreasonable administrative enforcement measures (more than 50).

In addition, since 4 April 2017, every first Tuesday of the month, the All-Russian Businessman Reception Day is held at all levels of the agency, up to the district offices. Over the past two days, more than 1100 entrepreneurs applied to prosecutors. More than 500 applications have been submitted. Some regions have increased the status of thematic reception. For example, in the Rostov region, the reception of entrepreneurs was personally conducted by Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Andrey Kikot.

In general, as a result of measures taken by the prosecutors during the past year, 169.7 thousand violations of entrepreneurs’ rights were identified. In order to eliminate such violations, 30.9 thousand submissions were made, 24.9 thousand protests were filed, 2.7 thousand suits were sent to the courts, 1.1 thousand notices were provided, 23.3 thousand persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility, 3.2 thousand persons were brought to administrative responsibility, 134 case materials were sent to the investigative authorities for making a decision on criminal prosecution, 99 criminal cases were opened.

The Prosecutor General’s Office continues to improve the mechanisms of interaction with the citizens and the business community. Currently, together with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, a draft online version of application to the prosecution bodies is being developed at the Integrated Portal of State Services. The citizens will be able to track the request processing status and receive a prompt response in electronic format.