The property of Alexey Kuznetsov and Janna Bulakh seized in France

14 july 2017, 16:02

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation continues its cooperation with the competent authorities of the French Republic on recovery of the assets acquired with proceeds stolen in Russia by the criminal group of Alexey Kuznetsov, the former Moscow Region finance minister.

According to the National Financial Prosecutor's Office of France, the French authorities, in pursuance of the requests transmitted in 2016 by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation in the criminal matter against Alexey Kuznetsov and his accomplice Janna Bulakh have seized their assets - the furnished apartment with art objects in Paris, villa in Saint-Tropez and hotels in Courchevel. According to preliminary estimation this property is valued at 120 million euros.

As already reported, these hotels had been seized earlier, but the arrest was revoked in connection with the appeal on formal grounds. As a result of the interaction with the French side, a new request for legal assistance was prepared, taking into account the peculiarities of French legislation, on the basis of which these real estate objects were seized again.

The cooperation with foreign counterparts in this criminal case for the purpose of search, seizure and recovery of assets derived from crime is continuing.

Moreover, the request of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation for the extradition A. Kuznetsov who was detained in the territory of France, has been considered in France for nearly four years.

The judicial bodies of France, after the hearings held with the participation of representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, recommended that the request be granted, but no final decision has not been made to date by the French authorities. Due to the long duration of the extradition process the measure of restriction for Kuznetsov was changed in April 2017, and he was placed under house arrest.

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