In the first half of the year 2019, prosecution authorities of the Russian Federation initiated 160 control procedures over the expenses of officials

27 august 2019, 15:16

In the first half of the year 2019, prosecution authorities of the Russian Federation initiated 160 procedures for monitoring the expenses of officials, and 38 lawsuits for the amount of 17.3 billion roubles were filed with the courts. During this period, courts have already granted 16 such applications for the total the amount of 3.2 billion roubles.

The work is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law “On Control over the Correspondence of Expenses of Persons Filling Public Positions and Other Persons with Their Incomes”. Special inspections are carried out in cases where an official or his/her family members spend while purchasing certain types of property an amount exceeding their total income for the previous three years. In case of non-confirmation of the legality of the origin of the funds, the prosecutor appeals to the court with a lawsuit on the conversion of property to state revenue.

Thus, for instance, upon the initiative of the prosecutor's office of the Stavropol Territory, the court converted to the state budget of the Russian Federation a monetary equivalent of the cost of savings certificates in the amount of 31 million roubles acquired with income whose legality was not confirmed, that belonged to the wife of the former Minister of Construction, Road Facilities and Transport of the Stavropol Territory.

Another example is the court decision entering into legal force, upon the motion of the Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office for turning into the state budget of a three-room apartment worth 26 million roubles, acquired by the wife of the head of the city district of Fryazino. In the course of expenditure control conducted under the instructions given by the Governor of the Moscow Region, it was established that the total official income of the family for the last three years preceding the transaction amounted to 5 million roubles.

Moreover, prosecutors started to exercise new powers now aimed at monitoring the expenses of former officials, their spouses and minor children. According to the results of the control conducted over the expenses of this category of persons, prosecutors are already filing motions with the court.

Thus, for instance, Kuzminsk inter-district prosecutor's office of the city of Moscow established that during such an expense control procedure, the former employee of the district government failed to confirm the legality of the funds spent on the purchase of an expensive car. In this regard, the inter-district prosecutor filed a lawsuit with the court to recover 6.5 million roubles from the former official (equivalent to the cost of the car). The court fully satisfied the claims of the prosecutor.

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