Best practices of prosecutors dealing with combating environmental crime in Russia were discussed during the 22nd Annual Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors

19 september 2017, 17:19

In the past week the delegation of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation took part in the 22nd Annual Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors in Beijing.

Reports of members of the delegation on the issues of prosecutor’s activity attracted high interest of the colleagues from prosecution services of other countries.

Report “Role of the Prosecution Service in Russia in Law Compliance in Ecological Sphere” with media-presentation by Mr. Anatoly Palamarchuk, Head of the General Department for Supervision over Federal Laws Compliance, became one of the most expected.

In particular, Mr. Palamarchuk informed the colleagues that according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation the year 2017 in Russia is the Year of Ecology, and in April the Russian President adopted the Strategy of Environmental Security. These documents are a basis of efforts on environmental protection for all the levels of public agencies, including prosecution service.

Thus, for more than 25 years throughout the country there are 82 specialized environmental prosecutor’s offices with more than 500 prosecutors working there. In the 80s of last century in order to protect the Volga River, the Volga Interregional Environmental Prosecutor’s Office was established. This year, the Amur Basin Environmental Prosecutor’s Office has started its work with the purpose to protect the unique nature of the Amur River Basin.

The report referred to the Russian current legislation regulating prosecutors’ powers and structure of environmental prosecutor’s offices.

Mr. Palamarchuk focused on the object and methods of prosecutor’s check-ups concerning the environmental law compliance, cooperation tactics of environmental prosecutors and controlling agencies, as well as positive results of their efforts.

He also noticed that prosecutors in the Russian Federation are eligible to initiate prosecution of persons who damaged the environment (water, woods, atmosphere, soil etc.).

Deep tradition of the Russian prosecution service in the sphere of environmental protection attracted high interest of the foreign prosecutors who attended the event. While exchanging views many of them found that such experience is very important and unique, since the vast majority of states have no environmental prosecutor’s offices. 

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