Working Meeting with Representatives of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Peru held at the Premises of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation

24 september 2020, 15:46

Today, on September 24, 2019, in Moscow, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Leonid Korzhinek met a member of the Executive Council of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Peru Javier Arevalo Vela.

The event was also attended by heads of departments of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Peruvian delegation.

Leonid Korzhinek expressed confidence that the meeting will be the key to further development of Russian - Peruvian cooperation.

The Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation told the Peruvian colleagues about the organization of work of the Russian prosecution service.

The prosecution authorities of the Russian Federation maintain supervision over compliance with the Constitution and the implementation of laws in force on the territory of Russia.

One of the important functions is supervision over compliance with the rights and freedoms of people and citizens.

The tasks of the prosecution authorities include supervision over compliance with legislation on countering extremism and terrorism, environmental legislation, issues of ensuring transport safety, and combating customs crimes.

The prosecution authorities also exercise powers to combat corruption. In particular, it is the supervision over the implementation of federal legislation, conduct of anti-corruption examinations of regulatory legal acts, detection of corruption among state and municipal officials.

A separate area of activity is the supervision over compliance with the rights of persons in custody by the administration offices of penitentiary institutions as well as administration offices applying enforcement measures.

A significant part of the prosecution authorities work is the supervision over law enforcement by the bodies carrying out operational-search measures, inquiry and preliminary investigation.

One of the most important areas of activity in the field of criminal justice is the representation of the State in a prosecution. The participation of the prosecutor in court proceedings in all categories of criminal cases is mandatory.

In addition, prosecutors participate in administrative, civil and arbitration proceedings, appeal against court decisions that contradict the law.

The prosecutor has the right to initiate cases of administrative offenses and conduct administrative investigations in accordance with the powers established in the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

So, the prosecutor has “exclusive” powers to initiate cases provided for in 30 articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. These are cases related to the violation of the established rules and the order of the electoral process, the violation of the procedure for disposing federal non- residential property, the production and distribution of extremist materials, and some other administrative offenses.

In addition, the prosecutor has the right to institute proceedings on any other administrative offense identified during the supervisory inspection.

In the field of supervision over operational-search activities, the efforts of the prosecution service are primarily aimed at ensuring compliance with citizens' rights, legality in solving problems of operational-search activities, including the identification, suppression and uncovering of crimes, identification of persons who committed them, and tracing persons who are hiding from the investigation and trial.

The prosecution service is charged with coordinating the activities of all law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime. The most important issues are brought up for consideration by the coordination meeting of heads of law enforcement agencies, where the prosecutor is the chairman in accordance with the law.

In addition, the prosecution service provides international cooperation in the field of extradition of persons and legal assistance in criminal matters, interacts with international organizations.

Materials on the most relevant areas of activity of the prosecution service are constantly covered in the media and on the official website of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which also provides the opportunity to file complaints about violations of the rights of citizens, legal entities and anti-corruption issues.

At the end of the event, the parties expressed their focus on the development and strengthening of Russian-Peruvian cooperation in the legal sphere.

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