Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation analysed the state of corruption delinquency following the results of 2018

21 march 2019, 14:45

In 2018, 30,495 corruption-related crimes were registered in the Russian Federation, which is 3% more compared to the year 2017.

The proportion of acts of this type in the overall structure of all crimes recorded in the country in 2018 amounted to 1.5% (in 2017, -1.4%).

As a whole, the results testify to the strengthening of the previously outlined tendency to increase the intensity and efficiency of the activities of law enforcement agencies in combating corruption while improving a number of qualitative indicators of such activities.

Thus, implementing the tasks set out at the Coordinating Meeting of the Heads of Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation held in December 2017, law enforcement agencies in 2018, as compared to 2017, revealed 35% more corruption related crimes committed by organized groups and criminal communities (972 against 723), which is 4.5% more than acts committed on a large and especially large scale, or which caused major and especially large damage (5365 against 5136).

At the same time, in the year 2018, the share of petty bribery in the structure of corruption related crimes decreased to 5437 cases (5841), while the total number of detected cases of bribery increased by 3.4% (from 12 111 to 12 527), and the number of suppressed facts of receiving a bribe - the most publicly dangerous act in the overall structure of corruption crimes - increased by almost 10% (from 3 188 to 3 499) and significantly exceeded the number of recorded cases of bribery (2 612 crimes).

Prosecution authorities also played a significant role in identifying corruption crimes. According to the materials they collected, in 2018, 3,179 criminal cases were initiated.

In criminal cases of corruption-related crimes examined with the participation of prosecutors in 2018, the courts of the Russian Federation issued 10.7 thousand convictions against 11.7 thousand people.

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