In the first half of 2019, prosecutors identified more than 140 thousand violations of anti-corruption legislation

13 august 2019, 15:12

In the first half of 2019, prosecutorial bodies of the Russian Federation have been constantly conducting checks of the implementation of anti-corruption legislation by federal executive bodies, state bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local authorities, and by public sector organizations.

Over the specified period, prosecutors identified more than 140 thousand violations of anti-corruption legislation, which corresponds to the same indicator of the first half of last year.

A significant part of these violations (37.3 thousand) is caused by the failure of state and municipal employees, and other officials to fulfil their obligations, as well as by their non-compliance with prohibitions and restrictions set to combat corruption.

Of these, as before, the majority (32.6 thousand) are cases of submission of incomplete or inaccurate information on income, property and liabilities of property nature.

Prosecutors also revealed facts where officials failed to take measures to resolve conflicts of interest in state and municipal service (2.3 thousand), failed to comply with the requirements established by the legislation on monitoring the consistency of officials' expenses with their income (1.1 thousand).

A major part of corruption violations detected by prosecutors took place during state and municipal purchases (5.4 thousand), disposal of budget funds (1.7 thousand) and of state property (4.8 thousand), as well as provision of state and municipal services (1, 2 thousand).

In order to eliminate violations of anti-corruption legislation revealed during inspections, a set of prosecutorial response measures has been adopted.

Thus, upon the protests filed by the prosecutors, more than 18 thousand illegal acts were cancelled and amended, prosecutors warned of the inadmissibility of violating the law 2.7 thousand individuals, 2.5 thousand lawsuits were forwarded to the court for a total amount of 20.7 billion roubles, and 40.7 thousand submissions asking to eliminate violations of the law were presented.

As a result of prosecutorial intervention, over 33 thousand officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility, of which 469 were dismissed (relieved of post) due to loss of trust.

Based on the motions filed by prosecutors, more than 4 thousand individuals and organizations were brought to administrative responsibility.

According to the materials of prosecutorial inspections, 1.8 thousand criminal cases on corruption-related crimes were initiated.

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